Selected works by Chris Constandse

100 Day Challenge|

One hundred days in a row was just the beginning. Having multiple variants and optimization rounds made this project much more than a simple 100 day challenge.
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An extensive new webdesign proposal of the most visited pages, with a strong focus on the UX for one of the biggest brands in the world:
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Yanmar Europe|

A full re-branding in design and front-end of the online communication for all the markets of Yanmar Europe, the largest dealer in engines worldwide.
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Creating the visual design and front-end for a platform that helps people reach their financial goals through smart investments, called Doelbeleggen.
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Track your Transport|

An extensive visual study for a real-time mobile app that tracks the position of the public transport (bus, tram, metro) in the city of Amsterdam.
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My name is Chris Constandse and I am a full stack webdesigner, with a strong interest in everything digital. From photography to Treehouse's Javascript course. Besides my work I am a design mentor at where I guide students through the basics of visual design. I love to make people better through knowledge sharing. My end goal is to live and work in NYC. My next step? Learning as much as possible everyday to become the best in my field.

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