Talking about me

My name is Chris Constandse and I am a full stack webdesigner, with a strong interest in everything digital. From photography to Treehouse's Javascript course. Besides my work I am a design mentor at where I guide students through the basics of visual design. I love to make people better through knowledge sharing. My end goal is to live and work in NYC. My next step? Learning as much as possible everyday to become the best in my field.

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Talking about us

An extensive new webdesign proposal of the most visited pages, with a strong focus on the UX for one of the biggest brands in the world:

Book Now, Pay When You Stay!With free cancellation on most rooms.


At a certain point during the three years I worked for, I came across the idea of creating a whole new web design, while also staying close to the initial visual guide of It was a project I fully did for developing my skillset.


For this project, I designed every major page. From all the four booking-stage pages to the search results page. I also wrote out every design decision I made per page. If you're interested in reading those specific design decisions, please send me an e-mail.

Goal is all about selling accommodations. Knowing this, my goal was to create a whole new design with non-existing elements to give it a new and refreshing look but also staying close to it's initial KPI's. One of the elements I added was the hotel selection block, ordered in three different categories best reviewed, best deal and best price.


For the city page, I decided that users want to know the area before they can make the right decision for the right hotel. For example, city hoppers might want to have a spot in the city center, though people who are traveling for business might want to have a hotel in the area of an airport.