Talking about me

My name is Chris Constandse and I am a full stack webdesigner, with a strong interest in everything digital. From photography to Treehouse's Javascript course. Besides my work I am a design mentor at where I guide students through the basics of visual design. I love to make people better through knowledge sharing. My end goal is to live and work in NYC. My next step? Learning as much as possible everyday to become the best in my field.

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Talking about us


Creating the visual design and front-end for a platform that helps people reach their financial goals through smart investments, called Doelbeleggen.

The beginning

My role in this project was to create a wireframe, a full visual design and a basic front-end environment for the whole platform and the promotional website. The target group was between 20 and 40 years old, so I decided to go for bright colors and a quality sans-serif font, Proxima Nova.


During the project, I wasn't able to fully focus on the mobile realization due to solid deadlines and the scale of the project. Because of this, I decided to let a freelancer help me out here, and did the full contact with her.


We had to build a full promotional website, and a full platform behind login details for this client. Working with an extensive briefing like this, I had to stay sharp and only use the visual and typographic styles that I've decided on in the beginning of the project. Also having a client that was very closely attached to the development of the (design) process, we managed to create a great product in the end.