Talking about me

My name is Chris Constandse and I am a full stack webdesigner, with a strong interest in everything digital. From photography to Treehouse's Javascript course. Besides my work I am a design mentor at where I guide students through the basics of visual design. I love to make people better through knowledge sharing. My end goal is to live and work in NYC. My next step? Learning as much as possible everyday to become the best in my field.

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Talking about us

Yanmar Europe

A full re-branding in design and front-end of the online communication for all the markets of Yanmar Europe, the largest dealer in engines worldwide.


For the re-branding, I used the deep red from the logo as the main color throughout the design. As a company that sells engines, it mainly focusses their business on male users. By giving the strong dark red a solid placement in the color scheme it communicates power and energy.


I used the font DIN as the main font. By the strong geometry of the font, it communicates power and energy. This combined with the strong reds and the heavy contrast between white and black it stays close to the user group.


I'm always designing with a story. What is the story that the user wants to hear? And how can I create the design that fits their needs and the needs of the company? In this case, I was creating a strong flow that started at the first step (select product group) and stopped at the last step (contact the dealer).


Unfortunately Yanmar Global decided that the design was too extrovert and they released a style guide based on their global design with much more of a minimalistic and white look. You can visit the website here: Yanmar Industrial